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Tiger Creek Sanctuary fuels exotic animal trade by buying and breeding big cats

A true sanctuary does not buy, sell or breed animals. In this video, director of Tiger Creek Sanctuary Emily Owen discusses future plans to introduce Luna the white lioness to another lion named Max.

Does this seem ethical? How would you feel if animal shelters began breeding dogs and cats? Isn’t that just contributing to their own problem of overpopulation and homeless animals?

Tiger Creek Sanctuary is constantly asking for donations to feed the animals and provide them with medical care, but if they can’t afford the wildcats they already have, why are they producing more?

Here are some other Tiger Creek lies:

LIE: Luna came from a canned hunting facility

TRUTH: Luna came from Jason Clay of Franklin Drive Thru Safari and East Texas Zoo and Gator Park and her acquisition may have been facilitated by animal trafficker Dominique Ferraro of Zebras R Us.

LIE: Most captive white lions are found at canned hunting facilities

TRUTH: There are no records of lions at canned hunting facilities in the U.S. and if Luna came from a canned hunting facility then Tiger Creek Sanctuary is doing business with these places.

Any roadside zoo can call themselves a sanctuary but it is our job to look beyond the lies and only support facilities that have the animal’s best interests in mind. Choose ethical tourism. Animals like Luna are depending on it.


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