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Murder suspect arrested; Houston tiger still at large

Stock photo of a tiger

The murder suspect who fled a suburban Houston, TX, neighborhood with his pet tiger has been arrested, the Houston Police Department (HPD) said.

Victor Cuevas, 28, was out on bond for a 2017 homicide when his tiger was spotted loose and roaming outside on Sunday. Videos taken by onlookers show a neighbor who is an off-duty police officer confronting the tiger with a gun while Cuevas tries to convince the man to let him get the tiger. Cuevas took the tiger by its collar and brought it into the house.

Cuevas later loaded the tiger into his vehicle and fled the scene. Officers attempted to pursue him but lost sight of him, according to HPD.

Officials said Cuevas was arrested last night and faces a charge of resisting arrest for fleeing with the tiger.

In a press conference, Cuevas' lawyer said Cuevas is not the owner of the tiger but he has information on the owner and location of the tiger.

Numerous posts and comments on Facebook point to a Texas woman named Trisha Meyer as the possible owner of the tiger. Meyer was previously charged with child endangerment in 2016 after police found three tigers, a cougar, a skunk and a fox roaming freely in her home along with her 14-year-old daughter. She later reached a plea deal in the case.

HPD said the tiger spotted loose in Houston is still missing.


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