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African serval loose in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Apollo, an African serval, escaped through a door.

An African serval is on the loose in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

A serval is a wild cat species that is native to Africa, growing to weigh up to 40 pounds. Servals are not domesticated and may pose dangers to people and domestic pets.

Hope Zimmermann posted on Facebook that her serval named Apollo escaped through an open back door.

“I need help from everyone,” she said. “Please call me if you see him. This is my child. I’m literally losing my mind.”

A post in Lost Dogs/Cats of Sheboygan indicates Apollo has been on the loose for several days. He was spotted near Michigan Avenue on June 4, 2023.

Zimmermann said in comments that Apollo doesn’t like people other than her.

“He’d be shy and scared,” she said. “He had a raw diet; so raw chicken, raw steak, raw shrimp.”

Zimmermann purchased Apollo from exotic animal dealer Morgan Machnik of Premier Exotics, who is now going by the business name Royalty Exotics.

Read more about Machnik:

Machnik was convicted of failing to control captive wild animals in March and was ordered to pay a $540 fine. Her license to own captive wild animals in Wisconsin was revoked, and she’s unable to apply for a new license for three years. She’s since moved to Florida.

Apollo is microchipped and wearing a purple collar. Anyone who sees Apollo is asked not to chase him because he may be skittish and will run. If located, call 920-698-6924.


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