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AZA Milwaukee County Zoo plans to send giraffe to New York roadside zoo Animal Adventure Park

The AZA Milwaukee County Zoo, WI, is making plans to send a giraffe named Desmond to the roadside zoo Animal Adventure Park, NY, according to a Facebook post made by the park today.

Animal Adventure Park is known worldwide for using live cams to broadcast the pregnancy and delivery of a giraffe named April, who gave birth to Tajiri and Azizi at the park. April was euthanized earlier this month due to arthritis.

April’s son Azizi was sold to the roadside zoo East Texas Zoo and Gator Park where he died last October. Her son Tajiri remains at the park and the giraffe arriving from the Milwaukee County Zoo will be a companion for Tajiri, according to the post.

Animal Adventure Park refers to themselves as an “Environmental Conservation Organization” but it is unclear how breeding giraffes and selling them to other roadside zoos contributes to environmental conservation, as no captive giraffes are being reintroduced into the wild.


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