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Giraffe neglect at East Texas Zoo and Gator Park

Is Loki the giraffe sick?

In October 2020, Azizi the giraffe died at East Texas Zoo and Gator Park (ETZ) in Grand Saline, TX, after being treated for barber pole worms. He likely picked up the barber pole worms while grazing and inadvertently ingested the contaminated feces of nearby goats.

According to Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, barber pole worms are a potentially deadly internal parasite that lives in the affected animal’s stomach, feeding on their blood which can cause anemia. Barber pole worms also cause a condition called bottle jaw edema which presents as fluid buildup and swelling in the animal’s face.

Three days before Azizi’s death, his face appeared swollen in photographs. Barber pole worms are very contagious in livestock and Azizi shared his enclosure with another giraffe named Jericho who was later sent to Chalk Bluff Park and a giraffe named Loki who now lives alone at ETZ.

A photograph posted by ETZ yesterday appears to show Loki with facial swelling. Loki also appears underweight and his mane is gone.

We do not claim to be experts, but it doesn’t take an expert to see that animals are dying at East Texas Zoo and Gator Park and Franklin Drive Thru Safari, both owned by Jason Clay, and no one is doing anything about it.

How many giraffes have to die to convince people to stop supporting these places?

Please join us in asking the USDA to inspect East Texas Zoo and Gator Park and urge them to get medical care for Loki by a qualified veterinarian. Submit a report to the USDA by visiting USDA License Holder: Jason Clay. USDA License: 74-c-0939.

You can also email the Van Zandt County Sheriff at and the Grand Saline Police Chief at

For more information on ETZ visit:

No longer can we be silent in the face of neglect. Loki is counting on us to get him help. Thank you for being his voice.


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