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Animals are dying at East Texas Zoo and Gator Park

East Texas Zoo and Gator Park - Grand Saline, TX - Animals are dying and no one is doing anything about it. Sources say more than 27 animals died in just a few months. The zoo owners reportedly dispose of the dead animals by dropping them at the property line, throwing them in the trash can or freezing them.

Sources say there is no on-site veterinarian and sick animals are being denied medical attention. Witnesses say an otter was being chased around and attacked and they watched a baby goat take its last breath.

According to zoo visitors:

>A giraffe named Azizi is infected with barber pole worms, likely transmitted to him from nearby goats. >Some of the animals are living in water that looks like green syrup. >The place is filthy and 90% of the animals didn’t have water on a day when the temperature reached 96 degrees. >The birds had no toys and employees weren’t interested in giving the animals social interaction. >The animals seemed like they were starving and had no water in their dirty bowls. >Poor animal husbandry. >The animals are in small cages that are run down and dirty. >The water in the duck pond and gator ponds is murky and nasty. >A capybara was able to escape its enclosure. >The zoo smells so bad that the smell nearly “knocked over” a visitor. >The zoo charges visitors to pet baby animals. >There are flies and turtle poop all over. >The animals were so hungry they attacked a visitor’s feed bucket. >The otter was surrounded by hundreds of flies due to the raw fish that was dumped in its water which was described as “6 inches of warm, rotten fish broth.” >The deer had a small pond of standing water that was coated with algae that it likely drinks from. >Goats, chickens, a calf and a tortoise were all able to escape their enclosure and wander the zoo freely.

Please ask the USDA to check on the welfare of the animals at East Texas Zoo and Gator Park by visiting

Thank you for being a voice for the animals.

UPDATE 10/28: Azizi the giraffe has died.


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