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Wildlife World Zoo steals three jaguar cubs from their mother to be imprinted on

Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park, Litchfield Park, AZ, has announced they have stolen three endangered jaguar cubs from their mother to be imprinted on. Wildlife World announced the birth of the cubs on May 7 and said the cubs are on display in the roadside zoo’s baby animal nursery.

Stealing baby animals from their mothers without giving the parents a chance to raise them seems to be a common theme at Wildlife World. In the past few months they have also stolen jackal pups, baby warthogs, a leopard cub and a baby tapir from their mothers to be artificially raised, according to their Facebook page.

Numerous Facebook comments questioned Wildlife World on why they kept stealing baby animals from their mothers. Wildlife World copy/pasted the same non-answer in their response.

“There are a variety of reasons that we hand raise some animals,” Wildlife World said in the comments.

The main reason these babies are taken from their mothers is money. People come to see the baby animals in the zoo nursery and if there aren’t any babies to see up close and pet and bottle feed, then roadside zoos lose money.

They are also losing money from zoo patrons who are no longer visiting because they recognize that taking these babies from their mothers is harmful to the animals; so roadside zoos have to mass produce exotic animals to bring in more business. Wildlife World boasts 600 species and 6000 animals on display, according to their Facebook page.

One Facebook follower expressed frustration that Wildlife World continued to take baby animals from their mothers without giving any justification for why they were participating in such a harmful practice.

“I’m sorry but you always seem to remove the cubs,” he said. “When have you actually left the cubs with their parents, can you tell us that? I would like to know. So what was the actual reason why you had to remove these cubs this time, that seems to be the question that keeps getting avoided.”


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