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Tiger at Tiger Creek Sanctuary develops sores from lying in her own urine

Lexie, an elderly tiger at Tiger Creek Sanctuary - Tyler, TX, became ill in early 2018. Despite her obvious decline in health, Tiger Creek Sanctuary refused to get her veterinary care.

Keepers tried their best to clean Lexie’s house and enclosure weekly but as she became sicker she rarely wanted to move, which made it difficult for keepers to coax her out of her house so they could clean it. Lexie wasn’t moving for days at a time and she was urinating where she lay. She began developing painful infected sores on her legs from lying in hay soaked in her own urine.

Tiger Creek Sanctuary Owner Brian Werner Ferris waited to bring in a veterinarian to humanely euthanize Lexie until she was comatose. Once the veterinarian arrived, Werner Ferris continued to delay Lexie’s euthanasia so that he could use her catatonic state to take photographs of himself posing with the dying cat to use on social media.

Even in death, the animals at Tiger Creek Sanctuary are exploited for Werner Ferris’ personal gain.


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