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Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary neglect - Lexie's story

“Lexie passed away after battling some sort of heart issue. She was not getting up to eat or even relieve herself. Sometimes we resorted to skewering venison on bamboo and pushing it through the fence up to her. On the morning she was put down, the keepers and I again tried to communicate her condition to the owner and manager and got no reply. She was twitching, and we knew something was very wrong. She didn’t respond to us or acknowledge her food. That day the owner, Brian Werner, actually came to Tiger Creek (we only saw him rarely) and brought the vet to put her down. She was so far gone he was able to go into the enclosure. Before they sedated her, Brian allowed each keeper to come in and sit with her in her little den there for a PHOTO OP. Emily Werner (Owen) took pictures of each of us crying next to this cat and asked if we wanted the photos texted to us. It was fucking vile. For a while the owner used it as his profile picture on Facebook.”

Rest in peace, Lexie. We are sorry you were failed by your captors.


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