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Sham sanctuary re-breeds inbred white tiger after she delivers stillborn cubs

Shalom Wildlife Zoo posed the corpses of still-born tiger cubs, took photos and posted them on social media

Shalom Wildlife Zoo, West Bend, WI, announced on Facebook that they will continue trying to breed their inbred white tiger named Ginger, after she tragically gave birth to stillborn cubs last month.

On March 27, 2021 Shalom Wildlife Zooa roadside zoo inaccurately called a sanctuary on Facebookposted photos of Ginger's stillborn tiger cubs, in an effort to garner social media publicity. The roadside zoo owners deleted comments and banned commenters that questioned why a sanctuary would be breeding tigers. When asked if the mother of the stillborn cubs was inbred, Shalom Wildlife Zoo admitted that Ginger was inbred, but they chose to breed her anyway because of her "genetic distance."

All white tigers are inbred and white tigers should not be bred. White tigers often suffer from birth defects, genetic issues and deformities.

After the loss of her cubs Ginger seemed "very sad, she seems confused, hopeless and broken. She understands what happened," according to a Facebook post by the zoo. Despite acknowledging how traumatic the loss of her cubs was, Shalom Wildlife Zoo is choosing to put Ginger through that potential loss again.

"If you come this Saturday and Sunday...what you may see is Goliath and Ginger mating," Shalom Wildlife Zoo said in a Facebook post. "They will be mating for the next two days. So mark your calendars and cross your fingers, tiger cubs should be born the first week of August!"

If Ginger is re-bred and her cubs survive, it is unclear whether the roadside zoo will take her babies from her to be utilized in cub petting interactions. However, it is clear that Shalom Wildlife Park is more interested in breeding tigers so they can utilize their cubs to obtain donations and publicity, rather than thinking of the health and wellbeing of the animals. Any animals born at Shalom Wildlife Zoo will spend the rest of their life in a cage.


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