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Escaped alligator found and returned to Doc's Zoo

Public Facebook photos of Rex the alligator's capture and return to Doc's Zoo.

An alligator that escaped from Doc's Zoo, Bonduel, WI, was returned to the roadside zoo today.

The 35-year-old alligator, named Rex, was reported missing on May 22. Roadside zoo owner Steve "Doc" Hopkins said he had no idea what happened to the alligator.

Today, Doc's Zoo announced on Facebook that Rex has been found and returned.

"He was found by Doc's son, Steve, in the swampy wooded area on the Doc's complex just before 5pm tonight," Doc's Zoo said in a Facebook post.

In a photo shared on Doc's Zoo Facebook page, Rex appears to be living near an old shed, surrounded by fencing that is about 4-5 feet tall.

Doc's Zoo said Rex was returned to the same enclosure and they "are so relieved to have him back safe!"

However, it is unclear what changes Doc's Zoo has made to prevent any more of the alligators from escaping.


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