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Escaped African servals recaptured in Alabama

Two African servals that dug their way out of the barn they were being kept in by the pet store 256exotics have been recaptured, an employee today confirmed.

The servals were reported missing on September 12 by 256exotics owner Lacey Herring who posted on social media that the animals escaped in Huntsville, AL.

The servals were on the loose for nine days before being recaptured.

Servals are a medium-size wildcat native to Africa that weigh between 25-45lbs and can grow as large as two feet tall.

The United States has seen increasing numbers of exotic animals escaping from roadside zoos and private owners in recent months.

In August, an African serval escaped in California and was loose for more than a month before being recaptured Sept. 19.

Also last month, five zebras escaped from a farm in Maryland.

The zebras have not been recaptured with sightings as recent as Sunday.

Last week, two zebras escaped from a farm in Wisconsin. Video posted on social media showed the two animals walking down the middle of the street.

The zebras in Wisconsin were quickly recaptured.

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