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Eight animals rescued from a Pennsylvania roadside zoo have made it to sanctuary

Photo shared from Facebook/Pymatuning Deer Park.

Eight animals have been rescued from Pymatuning Deer Park in Jamestown, PA, and have been placed at an accredited sanctuary, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).

ALDF and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed a lawsuit against Pymatuning Deer Park in early 2021, alleging the roadside zoo keeps animals in inhumane conditions.

In an email, ALDF said Pymatuning Deer Park keeps animals in small, filthy cages, in conditions that violate the Endangered Species Act and Pennsylvania public nuisance laws. Animals at Pymatuning have been observed exhibiting signs of extreme stress, such as repeatedly pacing and spinning in circles, ALDF said.

The lawsuit filed by ALDF and PETA has resulted in eight animals being removed from the roadside zoo. The rescued animals include a tiger named Nila, two lions named Buddy and Missa, two ring-tailed lemurs, a Mikado pheasant, a military macaw, and a blue and gold macaw.

Two lions have been rescued from Pymatuning Deer Park.

The animals were placed at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado where they will "at last have access to species-appropriate habitats and enrichment,” ALDF said.

In addition to the rescue, ALDF said a black bear named Bosco, who shows signs of arthritis after years of living in a concrete pit, will now be moved to one of the vacant big cat cages.

A black bear named Bosco lives in a concrete enclosure at Pymatuning Deer Park.

The lawsuit will continue, ALDF said, because “numerous animals at the roadside zoo, like Bosco, still need our help.”


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