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256exotics cited with two violations for African servals that escaped

256exotics has been cited with two USDA violations after two servals escaped in September. Stock image of a serval.

Alabama’s 256exotics pet store has been cited with two federal violations related to their caging after two African servals escaped from the facility on September 12.

Servals are a medium-size wildcat native to Africa that weigh between 25-45lbs on average.

The servals were being kept in a barn in Madison County, AL, when they dug their way out, according to a post by 256exotics owner Lacey Herring.

Posts on the 256exotics Facebook page indicate the facility breeds and sells various exotic animals including wildcats and hybrids.

The servals were recaptured on September 15.

On September 24, the USDA cited 256exotics with two violations for having unsafe caging that allowed the animals to escape and for failing to have a secondary perimeter fence to keep the animals contained.

“It is detrimental to the health and safety of dangerous animals to stay contained at all times,” according to the USDA report.


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