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Loose tiger cub spotted in Texas backyard

On Friday, an escaped tiger cub was spotted in a backyard in San Antonio, TX. The tiger is privately owned and was loaned to a friend to show off at their residence, news sources say. The tiger jumped a backyard fence at the residence and escaped but was later recaptured.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services is obtaining a warrant for the location and the animals, according to KSAT San Antonio.

The video above shows Sitaara the tiger cub loose in a backyard in Flint, TX. Grand Prairie Animal Services and Adoption Center confiscated Sitaara from a private owner and then rehomed her to Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary - Tyler, Texas. Tiger Creek Sanctuary allowed Sitaara to be removed from the sanctuary numerous times to be photographed, played with, bottle fed and cared for by various friends and family, putting her health and safety at risk.

If the privately owned tigers in San Antonio are confiscated by ACS, we sincerely hope they choose to rehome them to an accredited sanctuary that bases their decisions on the health and welfare of the animals rather than the profit they will bring.


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