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Wildlife Science Center steals a wolf’s pup, 7 wolves escape, 2 wolves killed

Wildlife Science Center (WSC), Stacy, MN, has admitted they stole the only pup from a mother wolf which led to the escape of four wolves, two of which died. They’ve also admitted they hid the wolves’ escape from the public.

WSC is home to 120 wolves. Sometime between May 29-30 WSC stole the only pup of a wolf named Iris to bottle feed and human imprint on. After the pup was raised by humans, it would be sent to International Wolf Center (IWC) to be used for publicity as an “ambassador animal.”

Wildlife Science Center described Iris as an incredible mother who has raised several litters of pups on her own. Despite admitting that Iris was capable of raising the pups on her own, WSC continued to steal her pups from her and raise them to send to IWC.

“In the past when we have bottle fed some of her pups, we have always left her a few of her own [to raise],” they said.

In 2021, Iris only had one puppy and although WSC admits they struggled with the decision to steal the pup, IWC wanted it so they stole Iris’ baby anyway.

“We took the puppy away from Iris and it was too much for her to bare,” they said.

Iris was so frantic over the loss of her pup that she began digging around her den, eventually digging out of her enclosure. She and six other wolves escaped.

Iris and two other wolves were quickly recaptured but four wolves remained at large. WSC didn’t notify the public that the wolves had escaped for days.

“We feared the wolf haters and our worst fears have come true,” they said.

One wolf was shot and killed. Another wolf was euthanized after being struck by a car. Two wolves were eventually recovered.

In their Facebook post, WSC said “You can’t match the pain and sorrow we are all suffering.”

However, WSC didn’t acknowledge the pain and suffering Iris felt when they stole her baby. Had they not robbed her of her pup, two wolves would still be alive.


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