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Videos show Allison Hedgecoth putting animals at risk at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

Allison Hedgecoth interacts with an adult bear at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.

A video posted by the social media influencer "Wild Charles" shows several clips of Allison Hedgecoth, the former animal care director at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia, interacting with an adult tiger.

Additional videos filmed in 2022 show Allison directly interacting with a primate at Noah's Ark.

There are numerous reasons why these direct interactions with animals are dangerous. Tigers and other big cats and primates are susceptible to COVID-19 and a number of big cats and primates across the country have died after contracting COVID-19. The video shows Allison directly interacting with these animals without a mask. Several Hedgecoth family members recently tested positive for COVID-19, including Allison’s husband Charlie.

In one clip, Allison hand feeds a tiger wearing only disposable gloves. If the tiger latches on to her fingers, disposable gloves will not protect her. A similar scenario played out at Naples Zoo in December 2021 when a cleaning man either stuck his hand in the fence or tried to feed a critically endangered Malayan tiger named Eko. Eko latched on to the man’s hand and refused to let go. Police shot and killed Eko.

Direct interactions with primates are also dangerous. Monkeys can carry zoonotic diseases, meaning diseases that are transmittable to humans. In addition, they are unpredictable. They will turn on even their most beloved caregivers and violently attack. When an incident does occur, it is the primate who is punished and will pay the ultimate price.

Historical photos show direct interactions with wild animals and cub petting were the norm at Noah's Ark under the leadership of Jama, Charlie and Allison Hedgecoth.

Dangerous interactions like what are shown in the photos and videos are part of the reason that Noah's Ark is considered a roadside zoo rather than an accredited sanctuary.

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The Hedgecoths and their supporters are using harassment, bullying, false police reports and threats to try to maintain control. If the Hedgecoths regain control of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, every single animal is at risk and they will continue to misappropriate nonprofit donations for their own personal benefit, with no oversight. The eyes of the world are watching as the Hedgecoths' kingdom of lies and deceit begins to crumble.


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