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Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia undergoing changes

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is undergoing much needed changes.

There is an ongoing implosion at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia, after disagreements between the board of directors and founder Jama Hedgecoth and her daughter-in-law Allison Hedgecoth.

Roadside Zoo News has issued a statement on the situation:

We stand with the former Noah’s Ark employees who were repeatedly sued in civil court by Jama–litigation funded using sanctuary donations–for speaking up about the harsh conditions. Federal court documents indicate former employees were forced to work long hours, required to work unpaid “volunteer” hours, exposed to sexual harassment and required to be on-call at all hours of the day and night as Jama’s personal assistant.

We stand with the donors who sent $479,000 to the fraudulent charity “Noah’s Ark Children’s Care” to help Jama care for foster children when she had not accepted a foster child in five years.

Jama signed a consent decree with Georgia officials in 2019 agreeing to no longer fraudulently solicit donations.

We stand with the animals at Noah’s Ark exploited and forced to cohabitate in unnatural arrangements of mixed species or participate in feeding and “art” encounters to raise funds for the nonprofit.

We stand with the bear cubs, tiger cubs and monkeys historically used in petting interactions at Noah’s Ark.

We stand with the board of directors who are experiencing ongoing harassment from the Hedgecoths and their supporters who appear unable to accept that nonprofit organizations are governed by a board of directors and not by the Hedgecoths.

We support the ongoing changes at Noah’s Ark and we look forward to the future success of the organization.


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