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Two African serval wildcats that escaped from 256exotics are on the loose in Alabama

Two African serval cats are on the loose in Alabama. Photo from Facebook/Lacey Herring.

Two African servals are on the loose in Alabama after digging their way out of the barn they were being kept in by the pet store 256exotics.

Servals are a medium-size wildcat native to Africa that weigh between 25-45lbs on average.

Yesterday, 256exotics owner Lacey Herring posted on Facebook that two of her servals had escaped in Madison County, AL.

“Two of my African servals dug their way out of my barn today and are missing from Winchester road in Huntsville,” Herring said.

Posts on the 256exotics Facebook page indicate the facility breeds and sells various exotic animals including wildcats and hybrids.

“Please, if anyone spots [the servals], call the sheriff’s office or animal control,” Herring said.

Please submit a complaint to the U.S. Department of Agriculture and ask the agency to cite 256exotics for their unsafe enclosures that have failed to contain the two servals, putting the animals at risk.

Name of USDA licensee: Lacey Herring & Ben Powell

USDA license number: 64-B-0099

City: Madison

State: Alabama

Thank you for being a voice for the animals.


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