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Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary uses nonprofit funds for a for-profit resort

Brian Werner Ferris, owner of Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary - Tyler, TX, owns 101 acres of land next to his fake tiger sanctuary but instead of utilizing that space to build larger enclosures for the animals, he would rather use the land for a for-profit business venture called Tiger Creek Safari Resort.

The Safari Resort has already cost the nonprofit more than $166,000 in financial loss. In 2017, a lawsuit was brought against Werner Ferris for his Tiger Creek Safari Resort Ponzi scheme, alleging “breaches of contract, fraud, and indefensible and malicious defamation,” according to court records.

Werner Ferris has loaned Sanctuary nonprofit funds to the for-profit Safari Resort, while simultaneously posting GoFundMe campaigns to raise money for the animals at the nonprofit. “Those needs would be covered if the loan to the for-profit had not taken place,” documents say.

A March 26 Facebook post on the Tiger Creek Safari Resort Facebook page read, “Final Stretch, we’ve completed the plans for the Tiger Creek Safari Resort project, owned by Tiger Creek Safari Resort LLC.”


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