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Police search for murder suspect who fled with a tiger spotted loose in Texas

Police have confirmed a tiger spotted loose in Houston, TX, yesterday is owned by a man currently out on bond for murder. Houston Police Department (HPD) gave a press release on the situation today.

Victor Cuevas 2017 booking photo

Photos and videos posted by onlookers show a tiger wearing a collar and roaming loose in a residential neighborhood. Police have now identified the tiger's owner as Victor Cuevas, 28, who is free on $125,000 bond for the 2017 shooting death of a man.

A neighbor who has been identified as an off-duty officer for the Waller County Sheriff is seen in video with a gun pointed at the tiger, while he yells at Cuevas. Police say Cuevas took the tiger into the house and later put the tiger in his vehicle and fled the scene. Officers attempted to follow Cuevas but lost sight of him, according to a tweet from HPD.

HPD said they are investigating and trying to determine the location of Cuevas and the tiger. Cuevas is facing felony charges for evading arrest for fleeing from HPD patrol officers.


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