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Police notify owner of escaped Coatimundi that wild animals are prohibited in Oshkosh

A coatimundi named Luna was on the loose earlier this week in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

A coatimundi that escaped in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, earlier this week has been recovered and police have notified her owner that he needs to rehome the animal or face further action.

Coatimundis are a raccoon-like mammal native to South America. Oshkosh resident Kevin Gogolewski lost the coatimundi, named Luna, earlier this week shortly after posting videos of the animal wandering loose in his backyard.

Kevin obtained Luna in October 2021. Subsequent photos and videos show the coatimundi being illegally exhibited to the public without the federally required U.S. Department of Agriculture license including numerous times Kevin took Luna to bars.

On April 16, 2022, Kevin posted on social media that he obtained a baby wallaby and a baby porcupine that he was bottle feeding.

After the initial post, no further posts included photos of the wallaby. Kevin continually posted photos and videos of the porcupine in unsafe situations and eating unhealthy foods including a cupcake. The last post about the porcupine was on May 7.

On June 6, 2022, Kevin posted on social media that he obtained two goats. Subsequent photos and videos show the goats living in his residential home and going for rides in his jeep.

Oshkosh ordinances prohibit residents from keeping goats and wild animals in their homes. The city defines wild animals as any warm-blooded animal which can normally be found in the wild state.

On July 22 the Oshkosh Police Department (OPD) confirmed that Luna was recaptured. OPD said Kevin told them he no longer had the wallaby or porcupine in his possession because he was fostering the animals.

OPD said they're notifying Kevin that keeping the coatimundi and goats in his residential home is a violation of municipal ordinances and he'll need to rehome the animals or face further action.


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