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Michigan man stomps bird to death after pet store refuses to refund his $30

Allen Park, MI - A 22-year-old man stomped a parakeet to death after a pet store refused to refund the $30 he paid for the bird.

The incident happened last week at Critter Pet Shop. The pet store told Fox 2 Detroit they denied the man's attempt to return the parakeet because the bird appeared to have a bloody wing.

The man was so angry about the store's refusal to refund his $30, that he picked up the box with the parakeet inside, hurled it to the floor, and stomped on it. The parakeet was killed on impact.

The cruel stomping death of the parakeet was caught on surveillance camera. The name of the man who stomped the parakeet to death has not been released because he has not been formerly charged. He is facing animal cruelty charges.


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