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Morgan Machnik of Premier Exotic Cats found guilty of DNR violations

Morgan Machnik of Premier Exotic Cats has been found guilty of two Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) violations related to her bobcat.

Premier Exotic Cats is located in the Milwaukee, WI, home of Machnik's mother. Machnik uses the location to breed, import and deal in exotic cats including servals, caracals, bobcats, bengals, savannahs, Egyptian Mau and Maine coon cats.

In June 2021, Machnik obtained a bobcat which is a native species regulated by the DNR. In July, the DNR received several tips about Machnik and began an investigation.

On Sept. 2, the DNR cited Machnik for failing to keep correct and complete records related to her wild animal farm and for failing to record the required information related to her captive wildlife.

Yesterday, Machnik pled no contest to the charges and she was found guilty. She was fined $241.50 per violation, a total of $483.

Machnik is also licensed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a dealer. The USDA completed an inspection at the home of Machnik’s mother on Aug. 5 and only counted two servals.

On Aug. 10, Machnik posted a TikTok video of her bobcat on a leash in a public park.

It is unclear whether the USDA will take action against Machnik for hiding her animals from inspectors.


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