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Accredited sanctuaries rescue lions, tigers and hybrid big cats from Tiger King Park

Stock photo of a tiger.

Last week, 68 endangered lions, tigers and hybrid big cats were removed from Tiger King Park, owned by Jeff and Lauren Lowe, who were featured in the 2020 Docuseries Tiger King. The animals were removed as part of a search and seizure warrant in a lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice.

Here is a running list of the facilities that are providing homes for the wildcats rescued from Tiger King Park last week:

Keepers of the Wild, AZ, rescued 7 big cats
The Wildcat Sanctuary, MN, rescued 2 big cats
The Wild Animal Sanctuary, CO, rescued 35 big cats (They have now rescued a total of 127 animals from the facility)
Lions, Tigers and Bears, CA, rescued 2 big cats
Carolina Tiger Rescue, NC, rescued 4 big cats
Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary, MO, rescued 1 big cat
Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, AR, rescued 13 big cats
Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, IN, rescued 4 big cats

We will update this list as more information on the location of the big cats becomes available.

The lions, tigers and hybrids will be temporarily housed at these sanctuaries while the U.S. Department of Justice moves for civil forfeiture of the animals in court. If they are granted civil forfeiture, the animals will remain in their new locations permanently.


Note: There are believed to be more than 60 animals remaining at Tiger King Park. Jeff and Lauren Lowe have left the property and have not returned. Although accredited sanctuaries have offered transportation and placement for the remaining animals, officials have refused to authorize their removal. The conditions of Tiger King Park are rapidly deteriorating and several animal welfare organizations are concerned about the health and safety of the remaining animals. Click here to read more and find out what you can do to help.


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