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Conditions at Tiger King Park rapidly deteriorating

Drone images of Tiger King Park taken May 23, 2021. Photos provided by SHARK.

The conditions for the animals remaining at Tiger King Park, Thackerville, OK, are rapidly deteriorating.

Last week, federal officials executed a search and seizure warrant at the roadside zoo and confiscated all the big cats, which are protected by the Endangered Species Act. They left all of the non-endangered animals behind. Several animals are wandering loose in the area.

Tiger King Park owners Jeff and Lauren Lowe have left the property and have not returned. The remaining animals are being cared for by two Tiger King Park employees and sources say they are running low on meat and grain to feed the animals.

Drone images captured by SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) on May 23 show mounds of rotting garbage, bones and chemicals at Tiger King Park.

Jeff and Lauren appear to have started a burn pile at the roadside zoo, much like they had at the Wynnewood location, which is attracting massive amounts of flies to the property. Previously, Jeff and Lauren were cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for their severe fly problem which caused fly strike, a condition where flies lay their eggs on the animals, which hatch into maggots and chew on the animals’ flesh.

SHARK’s drone captured images of a camel that the group previously witnessed spending the majority of its time lying down. The camel appears to be reaching outside of the enclosure in an effort to find grass to eat.

Among the remaining animals at Tiger King Park is a fox that has cancer and needs to be euthanized per veterinarian recommendation. The fox continues to suffer at the roadside zoo with no medical treatment.

Numerous organizations have offered to rescue the animals but Oklahoma doesn't consider the animals abandoned and entering the property without permission is illegal.

Jeff and Lauren have now been gone from the property for a week. It is unclear how long it will take for officials to step in and take action to save the animals remaining at Tiger King Park.

Please take a minute to call or email these organizations and politely ask them to get help for the animals at Tiger King Park, located at 21469 Jimbo Rd. Thackerville, OK.

Love County Game Warden

Royce Gillham


Love County Sheriff:

Marty Grisham


Oklahoma Dept of Agriculture, Food and Forestry


Director- Teena Gunter

Solid waste complaints



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