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Wolfdog on the run in New Mexico after escaping from Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

A wolfdog that escaped from a New Mexico animal sanctuary has been on the run for more than a month, according to a newly released U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection report.

On July 29, a newly acquired wolfdog was able to dig its way out of its enclosure at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Candy Kitchen, NM, and then squeeze underneath a perimeter fence gate to escape the facility.

As of August 16, the USDA reported “the exact location of the wolfdog is not known and the facility has been unable to recover the animal.”

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is not accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries or the American Sanctuary Association. The facility was cited with a critical violation of the Animal Welfare Act.

“Animals escaping from primary enclosures are more vulnerable to harm from surrounding predatory animals and further injury when they are not safely contained,” the USDA report said.


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary USDA inspection report:

PST_Inspection_Report_Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
Download PDF • 147KB


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