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Where is Onyx the black leopard?

On March 12, 2020, Onyx the black leopard was picked up from Special Memories Zoo in Greenville, WI, by Bud and Carrie DeYoung and transported to DeYoung Zoo in Wallace, MI.

Sometime between March 12, 2020 and September 16, 2020, Onyx disappeared from DeYoung Zoo. The DeYoung Zoo refuses to provide any information on what happened to her.

We have searched dozens of Facebook pages, websites and Google photos for any sign of her and we have searched other nearby roadside zoos, but we have not been able to determine her location. We have also heard rumors that Onyx may have been sold into the underground exotic fur trade and she may no longer be alive. Despite these rumors, we prefer to remain optimistic.

Onyx could be anywhere in the United States. If you know of a roadside zoo that acquired a female black leopard within the past year, please send Roadside Zoo News a message. Onyx was young and healthy. If she is alive, we will find her, no matter how long it takes.


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