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Timbavati Wildlife Park's white tiger exhibits zoochosis

A white tiger used as an example of why Wisconsin needs less oversight at roadside zoos was exhibiting clear signs of zoochosis at a recent visit to Timbavati Wildlife Park, Wisconsin Dells.

Representative Alex Dallman is the co-sponsor of Senate Bill 347 (SB 347) that passed the Wisconsin senate in June; a bill that would eliminate state oversight at roadside zoos.

Dallman visited the roadside zoo Timbavati Wildlife Park, Wisconsin Dells, owned by Matt and Alice Schoebel.

“One of the most memorable moments of the tour was learning about Matt and Alice's efforts to care for animals whom may be older or disabled, such as a white tiger who has begun to lose its eyesight,” Dallman said in a letter introducing SB 347.

Video taken of the white tiger at Timbavati Wildlife Park on July 3, 2021, indicates the tiger is losing its mind rather than its eyesight.

The tiger paces back and forth in its small, barren enclosure. The tiger appears stressed out, hot and miserable, with no water, no shade, no access to a den to retreat to, no privacy and no freedom.

The symptoms the tiger is exhibiting are called zoochosis. Roadside Zoo News urges our followers NOT to visit roadside zoos. We ask that anyone who does visit a roadside zoo takes the time to really study the animals and then look up what their behaviors mean.

At roadside zoos like Timbavati Wildlife Park, suffering is on clear display if you know what to look for.

Representative Alex Dallman: We urge you to rescind SB 347. These animals deserve better.

We are demanding better.


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