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Volunteer's arm nearly ripped off at Tiger Creek Sanctuary

From the very beginning of Tiger Creek Sanctuary Tyler TX, owner Brian Werner Ferris has shown just how slimy he is. In 1999, a terrible accident happened at the pseudo-sanctuary when a volunteer’s arm was nearly ripped off by a tiger.

According to federal court documents, Werner Ferris refused to pay the volunteer’s medical bills after the attack because he claimed the tiger wasn’t his and he was housing the tiger for a business partner. Werner Ferris was relieved of all responsibilities for the volunteer’s medical care.

For more than 20 years Werner Ferris has used Tiger Creek Sanctuary as his own personal bank account and in the process the employees, the interns, the volunteers, the veterinarians and the animals have suffered.

According to court documents, Werner Ferris should know of the dangerous propensity of tigers and he has failed to protect the public, and his volunteers, from injury.

*Stock photo of tiger


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