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Single Vision cited for 6 animal care violations including filthy water

Melrose, FL - Single Vision - This small 10-acre facility received SIX violations at their October 2020 USDA inspection, including a direct (repeat) violation for failing to provide the animals with clean and sanitary water.

According to the inspection report, the animals at this roadside zoo only have access to murky brown water that is so filthy that inspectors couldn’t see the bottom of the water receptacles.

Inspectors documented numerous dilapidated enclosures at Single Vision in such a state of disrepair that they could cause injury to animals. The facility was also cited for having an unsanitary food prep area for the animals, which was filled with flies and spiderwebs.

At the time of the USDA inspection, Single Vision owner Carl Bovard had recently purchased a bush baby, a hybrid ruffed lemur and an owl monkey, but inspectors say he has no plans to provide environmental enhancement for the animals, which is a USDA Animal Welfare Act requirement for primates, to prevent psychological issues.

Inspectors also cited Bovard for failing to keep adequate records of the animals at his facility. According to the USDA report, there were no records of disposition for several animals that had passed including raccoon, kinkajou, prevost squirrel, lynx, lion and cougar.

According to the USDA report Bovard had not updated his veterinary care program to include several animals at the facility, another AWA requirement.

Just a few months before the USDA inspection, Bovard made a social media post asking for someone to come forward and fund the relocation of his roadside zoo.

However, Single Vision can’t be hurting for money that much. Just two weeks after Bovard’s troubling Oct. 2020 USDA inspection, and four months after his plea for funding to relocate, Bovard obtained two white lion cubs from Mario Tabraue of Zoological Wildlife Foundation. The cubs, which are rumored to cost $20,000 each, were immediately used for cub petting interactions at Single Vision.

Bovard, who posts bloody photos of injuries he has incurred due to his animals, clearly cares more about money and obtaining more animals rather than taking care of the animals at his facility.

Please submit a complaint to the USDA asking that they check on the animals at Single Vision by visiting:

Single Vision’s 2020 USDA report:

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