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Sick fox suffers at Tiger King Park without humane euthanasia

Two red foxes huddle in a corner of a cage at Tiger King Park May 18. Drone footage provided by SHARK.

A sick fox at Tiger King Park has went weeks without humane euthanasia, despite a court order that roadside zoo owners Jeff and Lauren Lowe euthanize the suffering animal.

At a May 12, 2021 court hearing, Brianna Strippoli, a lawyer for the Department of Justice (DOJ) said one red fox had died and two red foxes remained at Tiger King Park. Of the two remaining foxes, Strippoli said “there was a red fox that is not doing well that has cancer and was having trouble defecating and was losing weight…”

The DOJ urged Jeff and Lauren to euthanize the animal based on veterinarian Dr. Friar’s recommendation.

“If the fox is still alive it sounds to us that Dr. Friar feels very strongly that this animal needs to be humanely euthanized,” Strippoli said. “If the animal has not yet been humanely euthanized, we do not oppose the humane euthanasia of this animal and we would ask that the court issue an order allowing for the animal to be humanely euthanized and for that to be done promptly so that the animal does not needlessly suffer.”

Drone footage taken by the animal welfare group SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) at Tiger King Park on May 18 shows two red foxes in a cage, indicating the sick fox has not been euthanized and remains at the roadside zoo with no veterinary treatment.

After all the big cats were removed from the park earlier this week, Jeff and Lauren left and have not returned, leaving behind more than 60 animals.

It is unclear how long the cancer-ridden red fox will be allowed to suffer at Tiger King Park before it will be humanely euthanized.

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