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Shalom Wildlife Zoo calls animal welfare group a "terrorist" over video of a woman petting a bobcat

Video submitted of a woman petting a bobcat at Shalom Wildlife Zoo May 22, 2021.

Today Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bend, WI, made a post calling Roadside Zoo News “A terrorist group disguised as an animal rights group.” The post was in response to a video we shared of their neglectful animal care which resulted in a zoo visitor hopping a fence and reaching in to pet their bobcats.

To be clear, no representative of Roadside Zoo News has ever visited Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary. The video of the woman petting the bobcat was sent to us by a zoo visitor and if Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary had reached out to our page for information, we would have shared with them that we also have a second video that includes the trespasser’s name. Since they did not have the decency to contact us, and they’ve blocked our representatives on social media, we’ll share the video here.

Here is a statement from Roadside Zoo News on why we shared the video:

"When we saw the video of the woman who jumped the fence and was reaching in and petting the bobcats at Shalom Wildlife Zoo, we shared it to show people what happens at roadside zoos. There is never enough staff supervising the animals, the enclosures are small and run-down and it is far too easy to closely interact with animals that are unpredictable and dangerous. If that bobcat had bitten the woman, the bobcat would pay the ultimate price. It could be euthanized for reacting to a stranger invading its territory. It may look like a sweet house cat, but a bobcat can do some serious damage, especially when confined to what appears to be a very small area. We want people to see the truth about keeping exotic animals in captivity and what animals experience at roadside zoos like Shalom Wildlife Zoo. These places put the lives of animals at risk just to make a profit."


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