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Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary violates federal law with neonatal tiger cub transport

May 30 photo of a two-week-old tiger cub that was born at Animal Haven Zoo and sent to Shalom Wildlife Zoo.

Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary, West Bend, WI, has violated federal law by transporting a tiger cub under 28 days old to their roadside zoo.

On May 12, 2021, a woman caring for tiger cubs that were born at Animal Haven Zoo posted to social media that a tiger cub named “Sweet baby Jane” was two days old, making her birthdate May 10.

Then on May 24, the tiger cubs “Sweet baby Jane” and “Big girl” were sent to Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary, according to the caretaker’s social media post.

On May 27, Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary made a post on social media introducing the cubs to their followers.

“Sweet baby Jane” was only 14 days old when she was sent to Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary.

Transporting a cub under 28 days old is a violation of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

In the past three months, Safari Zoological Park, Kaney, KS, and Animal Haven Zoo, Weyauwega, WI, were each cited with a critical AWA violation for transporting cubs under 28 days old.

“Neonatal nondomestic cats have special handling and husbandry needs and are placed in danger when they are exposed to members of the public and/or stressful conditions, including transportation,” the Safari Zoological Park inspection report said.

The inspector said that cubs under 28 days old do not have a developed immune system which makes them susceptible to a wide variety of diseases including those of domestic cats. They also cannot thermoregulate.

Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary has violated federal law by putting the lives of endangered tiger cubs at risk. Please submit a report to the USDA and ask them to cite Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary with a critical violation for transporting neonatal cubs to their roadside zoo.

Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

West Bend, WI

USDA license: 35-C-0362

Submit a report by visiting:

Thank you for being a voice for the animals.


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