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Sea Lion Splash cited for six violations of the Animal Welfare Act

Sea Lion Splash has received six violations of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The traveling animal show performs at fairs and other events around the United States.

The sea lions are exhibited in a cramped, shallow, chlorinated pool. They’re also made to perform and pose with families for photos. At night, and when traveling across the U.S., the sea lions are kept in a trailer that is not visible to the public.

In August, 2020, a representative of Roadside Zoo News witnessed three sea lions at Sea Lion Splash during their stop in Wisconsin. At an April 2021 USDA inspection, only two sea lions remain at Sea Lion Splash.

USDA inspector Diana Care found six non-critical AWA violations at Sea Lion Splash during her April 2021 inspection.

Sea Lion Splash was cited for:

  • Treating a sea lion’s eye infection with expired medication.

  • Failing to provide an adequate dry resting space for the sea lions which “is important to allow animals to rest and make normal physical, postural, and social adjustments when out of the water.”

  • The pool inside the trailer used to house the sea lions failed to provide the minimum surface area required for the animals under the AWA. “The current uncovered pool surface area is 31 square feet; an additional 33.98 square feet is required to meet the minimum surface area required by the Animal Welfare Act.”

  • The sea lion’s pool also didn’t meet the horizontal size requirements for the AWA. Sea Lion Splash must house animals “in primary enclosures with a pool that provides at least the minimum horizontal distance required by the Animal Welfare Act.”

  • Failing to check the water quality of the sea lions, failing to properly perform water quality testing and utilizing expired water quality testing materials. “Monitoring pool water quality parameters correctly, and at at least the minimum required frequency, is important for identifying water quality problems that could be harmful to the health and welfare of animals who use the pool.”

  • Failing to provide the sea lions with adequate ventilation and fresh air. “Animals without access to an adequate supply of fresh air may suffer from discomfort, stress, overheating, and exposure to unpleasant or harmful odors or gasses.”

Sea Lion Splash was given until April 30, 2021 to correct the violations, but the USDA has not performed another inspection of the facility to see if the changes have been made. Submit a request asking the USDA to check on the animals at Sea Lion Splash by visiting and use USDA license number 93-C-1126.

The sea lions at Sea Lion Splash have numerous appearances scheduled across the U.S. this year, including stops at the Missouri State Fair and the Wisconsin State Fair.

Please email the Missouri State Fair at and the Wisconsin State Fair at and ask them not to host Sea Lion Splash or any entertainment that harms and exploits animals. Download a copy of the USDA report below and attach it to your email.

Thank you for being a voice for the animals.


Sea Lion Splash April 2021 USDA report:

PST_Inspection_Report_SEA LION SPLASH LL
Download • 158KB


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