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Tiger Creek Sanctuary donations fund owner's lavish lifestyle

>An animal medical building at Tiger Creek Sanctuary - Tyler, TX has remained unfinished for more than five years.

>Tiger Creek Sanctuary sends weekly emails to the public asking for donations to build and expand enclosures and finish the animal medical building.

>Tiger Creek’s emails also claim donations are needed to fund “urgent medical care” for the animals and they insinuate that the cats may starve without donations.

>Former employees say the pseudo-sanctuary’s owner and manager would rather euthanize animals than spend money on veterinary care.

Yet, despite this sanctuary's supposed financial issues, Brian Werner Ferris still has money to purchase brand new cars and charter private planes. If the money Tiger Creek Sanctuary receives in donations was actually going to the animals, rather than funding Werner Ferris’ lavish lifestyle, there wouldn’t be any need to deceive the public in an attempt to garner donations.


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