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Roo Doo's Wildlife Park receives Official Warning for 13 animals that died without veterinary care

Fennec fox; photo from Roo Doo's Facebook page.

Roo Doo’s Wildlife Park, Greenwood, AR, has been cited with a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Official Warning for failing to provide veterinary care to 13 animals that suffered and died.

At a May 10, 2021, inspection, the inspector noticed numerous animals were missing and learned the animals had perished.

“The animals that died and their presumed causes of death, if any, are 3 wallabies, including a joey in pouch, from toxoplasmosis, 2 fennec foxes from pancreatitis, a groundhog, a white-nosed coati from anemia, a genet, and approximately 5 blackbuck from lumpy jaw,” the inspector said.

The veterinarian for the facility had no knowledge that the animals were sick or had died, and stated that "several [of the deaths] could have been prevented or treated if she had known."

The inspector cited Roo Doo’s Wildlife Park with a Direct Violation, a Critical Violation and an Official Warning for violating federal law.

“Lack of appropriate prevention, diagnosis, and treatment led to the suffering and death of these animals,” the USDA inspector said in the report.


May 10 USDA Report:

PST_Inspection_Report_JAMES WHEELER
Download PDF • 57KB

Official USDA Warning:

Download PDF • 230KB


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