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What happened to Robbie and Jeanie the wolves?

Can you help us find out what happened to Jeannie and Robby?

These two wolves were picked up from the now-closed Special Memories Zoo on March 5, 2020, by Bud and Carrie DeYoung of DeYoung Zoo. Between March 5 and September 16, 2020, Jeanie and Robby disappeared. Bud and Carrie refuse to provide any information on what happened to them.

We don’t believe the DeYoung’s did anything illegal and we don’t want to take Jeanie and Robby from their new owner. We simply want to know if Jeanie and Robby are alive, and where they were rehomed to. Former zookeepers had a special bond with them and they would love to visit them at their new home.

Have you visited a zoo within the past year that had two wolves that looked similar to Jeanie and Robby? Do you know of someone who recently obtained two wolves? If you visit DeYoung Zoo, can you ask Bud and Carrie DeYoung what happened to Jeanie, Robby and Onyx the black leopard who is also missing?

Please send Roadside Zoo News a message if you have any information on what happened to Jeanie and Robby.

Jeanie: Darker colored wolf

Robby: Lighter colored wolf


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