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Roadside zoo; alligator attack victim start GoFundMe to profit off of viral attack

A trainer that was attacked by an alligator at a roadside zoo has started a GoFundMe. Photo: GoFundMe/Lindsay Bull.

A Utah alligator trainer that was attacked in front of visitors during a live show, and the roadside zoo she works at, are now trying to profit off of the incident.

Lindsay Bull, an animal trainer at Scales and Tails Utah, was attacked while preparing to feed an alligator named Darth Gator during a show for visitors, according to video footage obtained by a bystander.

The alligator dragged Bull into its enclosure before performing a death role while clamped onto her arm. A bystander had to jump in and rescue Bull from the alligator.

Bull spent three days in the hospital due to her injuries which included a damaged tendon, multiple fractures and a broken wrist and thumb.

In an interview with trainer Chris Gillette, Bull said she did not want the video footage of the attack released and she said the woman who filmed the incident released the footage without her permission.

“Everybody accepts that something could go wrong at some point when you’re working with these animals and you just don’t know when it’s going to be,” Bull said.

She showed her arm which was covered in a heavy bandage and she showed a picc line she is using to administer antibiotics three times a day. She said she’s also taking oral antibiotics.

Gillette and his co host seemed to be telling Bull not to use antibiotics for her injury. He shared stories about other trainers who received severe bites and suggested they “pour bleach straight into the open wound.”

“What they’re doing to you is a crazy severe over reaction to the situation,” Gillett said.

The video footage of the alligator attack at Scales and Tails Utah went viral on social media with numerous organizations and individuals calling for the roadside zoo to be shut down and for the alligator involved in the incident to be moved to a reputable facility.

A GoFundMe has been started for “Lindsay and Darth Gator” to “help continue to educate the public about conservation and crocodilians,” according to the GoFundMe description.

“The goal is education and inspiration,” the GoFundMe said. “That goal could potentially be at risk due to an incorrect negative light that’s been painted on the situation.”

The fundraiser doesn’t say anything about the money being used for medical bills or lost wages, but instead insinuates the money will be used to continue exploiting the alligator and to “maybe even help Darth get a new enclosure.”

The fundraiser has reached $400 of a $100,000 goal.


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