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Primate Zoo: A sideshow of suffering at the Manitowoc County Fair

For just $1.00 you can step right back in time and see a monkey sideshow of suffering at the Manitowoc County Fair, WI. The traveling exhibit is called “Primate Zoo” and imprisons 12 primates in small, filthy cages inside a trailer with no climate control.

The monkeys exhibit signs of a mental disorder called zoochosis which is caused by extreme stress. The animals spend their time rocking, grabbing onto the bars of their cage, overgrooming and trying to hide from the steady stream of gawkers.

Some of the monkeys appear to have injuries that may be self-inflicted due to their unnatural environment.

For an extra $15, you can even get your photo taken with an infant primate that was stolen from its mother to be used for photo ops.

This traveling display of animal neglect is licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as Casady's Critters, Cascade, WI. USDA license number: 35-C-0235. Submit a USDA complaint by visiting

Thank you for being a voice for the animals.


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