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New documents submitted by Tiger King Park Owners Jeff and Lauren Lowe to avoid $1K/day penalty

Big cat family tree submitted by Lauren Lowe to Oklahoma District Court

It appears Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park, Thackerville, OK, have scrambled to get documents together to satisfy a judges Wednesday order that fines them $1,000 per day until they get in compliance with a previous court order.

The previous court order required Jeff and Lauren to immediately stop exhibiting animals, retain a qualified veterinarian for the animals, provide acquisition and disposition records for the animals and not acquire or dispose of any animal protected by the Endangered Species Act or Animal Welfare Act without first conferring with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and obtaining leave of court.

Lauren Lowe submitted a crudely made "family tree" for the big cats on Wednesday and she submitted a number of other documents and records. The records indicate Jeff and Lauren continued breeding animals long after the court order that they stop, including raccoons and lemurs born as recent as April 15, 2021.

At Wednesday's hearing, Jeff and Lauren's lawyer indicated they wanted out of Tiger King Park and he said the Lowes should be allowed to rehome the animals to sanctuaries of their choice. The judge ruled that Jeff and Lauren must be in compliance with the previous court order and recommended that they work with the DOJ to resolve the case.

Jeff and Lauren's next hearing is June 11. They may face additional sanctions and the DOJ may be awarded expenses including legal fees and costs for the continued care of the animals that were removed from the Tiger King Park property and placed at accredited sanctuaries.

Full court documents:

Download PDF • 972KB
Download PDF • 973KB
Download PDF • 4.17MB
Download PDF • 435KB


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