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More than 100 animals seized from Norman, Oklahoma veterinarian Aaron Stachmus (again)

A horse was among 354 animals seized from Norman, Oklahoma veterinarian Aaron Stachmus in April 2021.

More than 100 animals were seized from Norman, Oklahoma veterinarian and exotic animal dealer Aaron Stachmus and his husband Bryson Anglin, for the second time in less than a year.

The most recent seizure occurred on a second property owned by Stachmus, at 5701 E. Robinson Ave. On April 12, 2022, Norman Animal Welfare assisted with executing a search warrant at the Robinson Ave. location.

Authorities found two green macaw parrots living in a cage in a garage who were missing feathers, appeared in distress and had no access to food and water.

30-40 baby chickens were found to be living in a wire cage that was approximately three feet by two feet and the chickens were so cramped that they were stepping on top of eachother due to lack of space. They also did not have access to food or water.

Authorities found two draft horses on the property that were each missing an eye, and one of the horses had an infection in his one good eye that was oozing liquid. Documents say both horses appeared in need of veterinary attention.

Authorities removed 168 animals from the property including chickens, ducks, emus, parrots, sugar gliders, ostriches, leopard tortoises, African spurred tortoises, radiant tortoises, french bulldogs, draft horses, hairless cats, hairless guinea pigs and a blue heeler. The animals are currently in the care of Norman Animal Welfare and rescue groups.

Last April, authorities in Norman seized 354 exotic animals from 5500 E. Rock Creek Rd., another location owned by Stachmus. Court documents indicate the animals were so starved they were resorting to eating tree bark. Other animals had untreated conditions including fur loss, overgrown hooves and malnutrition. Two animals died and several others required emergency medical treatment, court records say. All of the animals were awarded to the City of Norman.

Stachmus, Anglin and caretaker Mark Parker are each facing 18 felony counts of animal cruelty based on the April 2021 seizure.

The Norman Police released a statement indicating the investigation into the most recent animal seizure is still ongoing. A bond hearing is set for tomorrow to determine if the animals will be forfeited to the City of Norman.

Stachmus, Anglin and Parker are due back in court for the animal cruelty charges June 1.


Download the application for bond hearing:

Download PDF • 266KB


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