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More delays in Tiger King Park lawsuit

Stock image of a tiger

New documents were filed today in the case of the Department of Justice (DOJ) vs. Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park. The case alleges Jeff and Lauren violated the Endangered Species Act by neglecting the exotic animals in their care.

According to the court documents, Jeff and Lauren are trying to settle the case with the DOJ. In the meantime, they are still considered non-compliant with a previous court order and the DOJ will file a notice of noncompliance on June 18, according to documents. At that time the DOJ will also request a hearing to discuss additional sanctions.

Jeff and Lauren’s attorney, Daniel Card, filed a motion earlier today to withdraw from the case. The DOJ is opposing Card’s motion to withdraw and the DOJ’s response to the motion is due June 25.

Card also requested a two week extension for Jeff and Lauren to respond to the DOJ’s request for nearly $41,000 in damages.

“The parties have been negotiating in good faith to settle the matter,” Card said in the documents. “Should the parties settle, a ruling on the Motion for Damages may not be necessary at all.”


6/11/2021 Court Documents:

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