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Lowe lawsuit: Lawyer files motion to dismiss

Yesterday the lawyer for Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought against them by the United States Government. The lawsuit challenges the care and exhibition of the animals at the Lowe’s unlicensed facility.

“All of the claims made by the Government clearly impede the Lowes’ First Amendment rights,” according to Daniel Card, attorney for Jeff and Lauren. Card also argues the lawsuit should be void for vagueness under the Fifth Amendment.

In January, a judge ruled in favor of the Government and ordered all of the tiger cubs, and their mothers, be removed from Tiger King Park and placed at accredited sanctuaries pending the outcome of the case.

Attorney Card is arguing the allegations of animal neglect and unlicensed exhibiting are against Jeff and Lauren Lowe and not against Tiger King, LLC.

“The Government has presented no facts within the Complaint that allows a reasonable inference that Tiger King, LLC specifically can be liable to the Government for the allegations presented,” Card argued.

Full court documents:


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