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Lowe Lawsuit: Cubs and their mothers safe; other animals may not be so lucky

LOWE LAWSUIT UPDATE: In the past few days a flurry of legal documents were submitted in court in the case of the United States of America vs. Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park.

On Friday, lawyers for the government filed a Motion to Enforce the judge’s January 15, 2021 ruling, which required Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park to provide acquisition and disposition records for all of the animals at their facility that are unaccounted for.

According to court documents:

  • The Lowes provided incomplete and falsified records that did not accurately disclose the location of all of the animals.

  • The Lowes failed to retain a qualified veterinarian for the animals under their care.

  • Despite the court order banning the Lowes from obtaining more animals or disposing of the animals they have, last month USDA inspectors observed 36 female animals housed with male animals, indicating the Lowes may still be breeding the animals.

The Lowe’s are also accused of lying on paperwork. During their October move from Wynnewood to Thackerville, OK, a liger was overdosed with tranquilizers and died. The Lowe’s wrote the liger was killed by Pat Craig of The Wild Animal Sanctuary who “killed her overdosing with his own drugs!”

Government investigators spoke to the veterinarian that assisted with tranquilizing animals and he said only he and Jeff Lowe were involved in tranquilizing animals during the move.

Documents submitted by the Government indicate USDA officials confiscated all of the cubs and their mothers from Tiger King Park on January 24, 2021, a total of 14 tigers that were transported to a USDA approved facility for their own safety, pending the outcome of the case.

Documents also indicate in August 2020 Lowe sent 19 hybrid tigers, 4 lions and a liliger to the troubled pseudo-sanctuary Tiger Haven, located in Tennessee. Just a few weeks ago a Tiger Haven employee was hospitalized after being bitten by a tiger.

In the motion submitted Friday, the Government is asking the court to enforce their previous order and grant the relief they are requesting.

Today, the lawyer for Jeff and Lauren fired back, filing a corrected Partial Motion to Dismiss.

According to court documents, “The factual allegations are against the Lowes. The Government has presented no facts within the Complaint that allows a reasonable inference that Tiger King, LLC specifically can be liable to the Government for the allegations presented. Tiger King, LLC should be dismissed accordingly.”

Over the weekend, the Facebook page for Tiger King Park was changed to read, Tiger King Park - thackerville.

February 13, 2021 court documents:

Download PDF • 101KB
Download PDF • 924KB
Download PDF • 461KB
Download PDF • 82KB
Download PDF • 361KB
Download PDF • 495KB
Download PDF • 134KB
Download PDF • 1.07MB
Download PDF • 677KB

February 15, 2021 court documents:

Download PDF • 254KB


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