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Kangaroo killed after attacking two people in Tennessee

Stock image of a kangaroo.

A pet kangaroo that was kept at a private menagerie near White House, Tennessee, was killed yesterday after attacking two people.

Police were called to the home on December 22 after a report of two people who had been in a battle with a male kangaroo, according to a statement issued by the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said that two individuals at a neighboring residence noticed that the kangaroos were outside of their normal area but were still contained within the owner’s property. The neighbors contacted the kangaroos' owner who advised them on where to find feed to coax the animals back into their enclosure.

When the neighbors went to the area where the kangaroos were located, “the female neighbor was promptly assaulted by the kangaroo causing her husband to respond to help her,” police said in their statement.

Male kangaroos are known for displaying aggression towards people. News reports indicate the husband strangled the kangaroo until it expired.

“The kangaroo is deceased and the neighbors received scratches that were treated on the scene,” police said in their statement. “No serious injuries resulted from this kangaroo attack.”

News reports indicate that several other kangaroos were rounded up by the owners after the attack.


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