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KAEAR fundraises for new facility; fox kept in an unsafe enclosure causing limb amputation

Kingdom Animalia Exotic Animal Rescue, Suring, WI - KAEAR is operated by an exotic animal owner named Jamie Kozloski.

Kozloski obtains exotic animals through owner surrenders and then solicits donations to care for them. She permanently keeps some animals as pets, uses some for animal shows and she rehomes the rest.

The animals she keeps are kept at a rental property, unsupervised except for when she drives out to care for them. Some of the exotic animals, including a lemur, a coatimundi and kinkajous, are kept completely indoors. Lemurs and coatimundis live in social groups in the wild, but at KAEAR they are kept in solitary confinement.

Kozloski also cohabitates animals with other species, which may cause stress and behavioral issues.

In a March 20, 2021 Facebook post, Kozloski said, “I would give my right leg if it meant my animals had everything they needed.” Ironically, one of her animals actually did give its leg. Her ramshackle backyard fox enclosure was so unsafe that a fox was severely injured and had to have its leg amputated in 2019.

Kozloski posts hundreds of photos and selfies with her exotic animals, with captions telling people not to get the animals as pets. However, when people see all of the attention and donations Kozloski gets from her exotic animals, it makes them also want to keep them as pets and could help fuel the exotic pet trade.

Kozloski has made a public post threatening to euthanize animals rather than work with other organizations who were willing to help. The animals in her care could easily be rehomed to accredited sanctuaries where they could get the care, space and companionship they need and deserve.

“Right now we need a new building and that is on the horizon,” Kozloski said in a Facebook post. “Bandit doesn’t deserve this and neither do the other foxes. Neither do the birds. Neither do the tortoises. Neither do the kinkajous. None of them deserve this…”


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