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Tiger King player Jeff Lowe reportedly had a stroke; suspects he was poisoned at the casino

Lauren Lowe is claiming her husband Jeff Lowe of Tiger King infamy may have been poisoned at an Oklahoma casino which caused him to have a stroke March 18, TMZ reports.

Lauren told TMZ she called 911 around 3 AM March 18 when she found Jeff not breathing at the WinStar Casino where they were staying. Jeff was airlifted to a hospital where he spent three days before returning home. Doctors have not been able to determine what caused Jeff’s stroke, according to the article.

Jeff and Lauren own Tiger King Park which is in hot water with numerous ongoing lawsuits and court hearings. Jeff and Lauren are being sued by the Government for their neglectful treatment of animals and a February inspection of the Thackerville, OK location of Tiger King Park revealed eight USDA violations for keeping animals in cramped, filthy enclosures and failing to obtain medical care for animals. USDA inspectors witnessed numerous animals exhibiting stereotypical behavior such as pacing.

“Many of these cages are already too small for the animals housed in them which means cleaning has to be more frequent to adequately comply…” the USDA report said. “The facility representatives need to establish a more frequent cleaning schedule to ensure all animals have access to a clean, dry area.”

On March 23, Jeff missed a court hearing in Las Vegas from a 2018 case that alleges he illegally used animals to profit off of. In that case he was ordered to stay out of trouble and the City of Las Vegas is arguing Jeff’s case brought by the Government is a violation of that agreement.

KTNV reports the judge in the case is asking for proof that Jeff was in the hospital. His next hearing in that case is April 7.

USDA Report:

PST_Inspection_Report_JEFFREY LOWE
Download PDF • 286KB


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