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Jeff Lowe of Tiger King Park loses second lawyer this week

Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park

UPDATE on the case of the Department of Justice (DOJ) vs. Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park.

Jeff and Lauren’s lawyer, Daniel Card, today filed a motion to withdraw as their attorney in the case.

“A conflict has arisen among the multiple clients/defendants and attorney such that continued representation is impossible without violating ethical rules,” Card said.

Briefs in the lawsuit were due to the judge today. It is unclear how Card's Motion will affect the ongoing case.

On Tuesday, Jeff failed to appear in Las Vegas for court. His lawyer in that case also quit and the judge issued a bench warrant for Jeff's arrest.

Jeff and Lauren were made famous in the Netflix series Tiger King. After the show came out, the pair came under fire for their treatment of the animals at their roadside zoo.

The DOJ brought a lawsuit against Jeff and Lauren late last year and last month they removed all of the endangered big cats from the Tiger King Park property.


6/11/2021 Court Motion:

Download PDF • 79KB


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