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Jeff and Lauren Lowe agree to turn over 61 animals remaining at Tiger King Park to the DOJ

Lauren and Jeff Lowe, owners of Tiger King Park. Photo from Instagram/@tigerkingpark.

Jeff and Lauren Lowe of Tiger King Park have agreed to turn over the rest of their animals to the Department of Justice, according to court documents filed today.

Jeff and Lauren were featured in the 2020 Netflix documentary Tiger King. The pair took over ownership of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, OK, shortly before former owner Joe Exotic was arrested in 2018.

In October 2020, Jeff and Lauren lost ownership of the Wynnewood location of their roadside zoo and moved the animals to Thackerville, OK, and began building a new park that they named Tiger King Park.

In November 2020, the DOJ filed a lawsuit against Jeff and Lauren, alleging inhumane treatment and improper handling of animals protected by the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

In May 2021, authorities removed all of the lions, tigers and hybrid big cats from Tiger King Park and temporarily placed them at accredited sanctuaries.

The big cats were removed because they are protected by the ESA. There are still 61 non-ESA protected animals remaining at Tiger King Park, according to an animal inventory submitted by the DOJ.

At a June 2, 2021 U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection, Jeff and Lauren were cited with 14 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. Court documents indicate the animals that remain at Tiger King Park are suffering with rotten food, filthy water and no medical care.

Today the DOJ filed notice that Jeff and Lauren "have agreed to abandon their 'right, title, and interest' in the animals remaining at Tiger King Park."

"The United States is making arrangements to take possession of the animals this week and will place them with reputable Animal Welfare Act-licensed facilities," documents say.

The DOJ submitted a notice signed by Jeff and Lauren on August 13 agreeing to relinquish their remaining animals and their offspring to the DOJ.

The DOJ said they plan to pick up the animals by August 20 and Jeff and Lauren agreed to care for the animals until then.

Once the animals are removed from Tiger King Park, the DOJ said they will file a status report with the court in their lawsuit against Jeff and Lauren.


Full court documents:

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